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We Offer a Wide
Variety of I.T. Services

Cyber Security

Cyber risks are ever evolving in our digital world. Get the right security measures in place to protect against an attack or data breach.

Managed I.T. Services

I.T. is our passion! We take care of
everything I.T. related, so you can focus on your business growth.

Network Support

From remote hosting, to server based networks, or simple peer-to-peer we offer superior support services.

Cloud Services

Fully managed cloud solutions to boost business productivity and efficiency! Flexible data storage options to customize the perfect plan.

Website Development

From interactive online catalogues, to
secure e-commerce sites we ensure customers around the world can browse
and purchase your products.

Hosting Services

As a complete package, Nesda offers domain registration, transfer and hosting of your website - whether we've developed it or not. Our email hosting services offer optional spam filtering service.

Custom Software

Our team of programmers can transform your idea and develop it into a customized piece of software or application.

HR Counsulting

Consider outsourcing your Human
Resources (HR) functions to keep costs
down and gain efficiencies. We offer estimates for HR policies, onboarding, HR Compliance and Legislation, and much more.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing services are not one-size-fits-all because your business is unique. We work with you to develop a customized strategy that best fits your brand, needs, and budget.

Cyber Security

Insurance companies are now expecting businesses to have  base-line cyber security controls in place to protect themselves against cyber threats. Without these recommended controls, your company runs the risk of not qualifying for cyber insurance or claims on existing policies may be denied due to the lack of provisions in place.

Our specialized team of experts can conduct a cyber security assessment to validate your current security policies and procedures and ensure there are controls placed for enforcement.


Online Security

Managed I.T. Services

As technology becomes ever present in all sectors, a well implemented technology strategy can help your organization to operate efficiently and effectively. Nesda provides I.T. Support Services in virtually every accepted I.T. solution possible, from simple peer-to-peer networks to server-based networks and remote hosting. An initial on-site assessment that would consist of speaking to users/management and/or on-site service and support members of the organization will determine their existing technology parameters and infrastructure. This initial assessment would be then compared against the Best Practice standards. The assessment would detail any current deficiencies. Key areas of review would be;
hardware infrastructure, software usage and licensing, internal network security, and remote security and access. Contact us to discuss available options and to develop a comprehensive strategy to allow you to remain on the “leading edge” of technology.

Managed Service Provider

Network Support

We work with our clients to provide service and support as needed. The depth of that support can be from occasional trouble-shooting calls through to daily on-site placements. We can work with, or even act as, your on-site I.T. Department. We deliver high-quality service  as we follow strict Microsoft Partnership standards. Our Service Delivery Model has been proven to have the ability to be scalable to match the needs of different sizes of client networks and follow Best Practices standards.  The planning stage is extremely important and not only looks at what’s currently in place within the organization but what future requirements need to be reviewed. Scalability, without offering rising costs, is part of the determination of purchasing and implementation.

Please contact us for any of your hardware needs. We are sure to be partnered with a vendor to suit all your business-grade hardware needs.

Network Support

Cloud Solutions

We offer a full range of Cloud Solutions including; hosted virtual servers; Hosted Exchange Email; private IP space; web and database hosting, cloud backups for workstations, servers, Microsoft 365, and more.

Hybrid Cloud
You can easily extend your onsite network, securely, into the cloud. Ask us how.

Fully Managed
Secure digital storage, file backups, server and virtual work station options and more. Your Nesda Cloud team will manage everything for you.

Data Migration
We can also help you take the steps needed to migrate your data to the cloud. If you are in need of network support, we are happy to help you with this as well.

Website Development

Our website development team can provide full designs that are customized to your requirements. We deliver professional, functional and innovative websites built to drive results for you. Nesda is capable of developing secure e-commerce web sites with an interactive web catalogue allowing customers around the world to browse and purchase your products.

Website Development and Design

Hosting Services

Nesda  wholly owns data centres in Canada, providing sovereign protected data services.  Nesda offers colocation, infrastructure as a service, domain registration, transfer and hosting of your website – whether we’ve developed it or not. With the registration of your domain you will have your own web address, www.yourcompanyname.com, as well as have the capability to have e-mail addresses for your domain (yourname@yourcompanyname.com). Our email hosting services means we also offer optional spam filtering services.

Data Centre

Custom Software

Mobile App Development
Apple iOS
Google Android

Inventory Management

The combination of new technology and custom software involving bar code scanning have produced cost effective and accurate methods of managing your business’s inventory, shipping and receiving.

Production/Personnel Management
The use of bar codes and custom software will allow your business better monitoring of your production and personnel schedules through accurate tracking services including quality control, Work-in-Process (WIP), tool tracking and time and attendance.

Integration Software
Incorporate data collection techniques to integrate customized software, i.e. shipping/receiving, with other accounting/manufacturing systems.

IT Solutions

HR Consulting

Why Outsource?

More and more companies are outsourcing their Human Resources (HR) functions to keep costs down and gain efficiencies. Because of global and local economic strains, small sized businesses turn to an external source in order to have that one-time fee (or semi-yearly, should they choose to do so) option rather than having to hire internally.

Nesda can offer estimates for; HR Policy Review/Re-write/Creation, Onboarding of New Employees, including an effective Recruitment Process, HR Compliance and Legislation, and many more segments involving human capital and policies as well as simply answering any questions to assist a company in being compliant.

Your Employment Contracts, Policies and The Law

Navigating legislation can be a daunting task when writing Employment Contracts and HR Policies. As a start, your first question should be; Does my/our company fall under Federal or Provincial legislation? You may have policies in place but do you have the processes and procedures in place to back those policies?

Do your policies fit with all of the Acts, Regulations and Codes for compliance? Do you/your company work based on those policies?

    • Canada Labour Code
    • Employment Equity Act, 1993
    • Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005
    • Employment Standards Act, 2000
    • Human Rights Code
    • Occupational Health & Safety Act
    • Workplace Safety & Insurance Act, 1997
    • Canadian Human Rights Act
    • Smoke Free Ontario Act, 2017
    • And more

Let’s not forget about any changes/amendments which have been put in place as response to COVID-19.

Policies are always a fluid set of documents and require review, and rewrite, on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing

Why Use Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to get a message across to your ideal audience quickly and efficiently.  There are virtually no limitations, and your audience reach can expand as far as your imagination. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, digital marketing is data-driven and provides insights into your efforts almost immediately. Nesda offers an extensive range of digital marketing services of any type and size.  We wil assess your current digital marketing plan, then customize a strategy that best fits your needs and budget.  Our marketing services are not one-size-fits-all and we work with you to determine who and where your target audience is and which platforms would be ideal to connect and engage with them.  Our team of specialized experts will also create a branding strategy that reflects the authenticity and character of your business. When you trust our marketing team with your digital marketing vision, we commit our best resources to achieve your goals.  Our graphics, video editing and web design software, along with the data analytics system we use, are top tools in the industry.

Digital Marketing Services 

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Website Strategy, Design & Development
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing Campaigns
    • Multimedia Content Generation

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